It’s time to say good bye for now!

This decision to have a break from blogging has been quite challenging.  I am taking some time off due to the fact that after fours years of blogging I am all blogged out and am running out of ideas  for posts each week.    So by taking some time off  I am hoping that when and if I return I will be able to write up more posts.   Unfortunately  I do not know when I will be back blogging on my blog but I hope to visit other blogs during this break.

I would like to thank all my wonderful blogging friends who made my blog so special.  Without your support I really don’t think I would have kept on blogging.

A special thank you goes to Mrs Morris for introducing me to the world of blogging and giving me a great deal of support all these years.  Also Mrs Yollis, Mrs Hembree,  Mrs Lynch  and Miss Y who have always written on my blog with great comments and words of encouragement.  I hope our friendship will still continue.

I would like to thank Victoria, Sarha and Miriam for been such wonderful friends and I hope one day we will meet in person.

Last but not least is my mum without her support and love and guidance to show me the way I don’t think I could have done this with out her.  She is amazing.   Blogging has helped me learn, and grow and best of  all the special friendships I have made.  I know I will keep and treasure for many years to come.

Blogging has taken me to some many different places and the journey has been amazing.


Thank you all

Cast your vote for Mrs Hembree and her students

I have a wonderful blogging pal Mrs Hembree we have been blogging pal’s  for a number of years and I love it.  Mrs Hembree has a wonderful blog called where Mrs Hembree  writes  up posts on wonderful books to read.  Mrs Hembree passion is to give everyone the gift of reading.  Because of her passion she has started up another blog called

This is where Mrs Hembree and her  wonderful students raised money to purchase  books to send to four African schools to give the children the joy of reading a book.

Now Mrs Hembree and her amazing students need our help.  The students have made a video and entered it in a contest.  If they win it will be a huge prize of  one thousand dollars.   Hopefully if they can win and if they do they will be buying a huge amount of books and sending them of to other African schools to enjoy the power of reading.

Mrs Hembree and her students need our help please vote for them here is a link for you to cast your vote


This is the Youtube video Mrs Hembree and her students made. How good would it be if Mrs Hembree and her students win.  Please don’t forget to cast your vote every single day. Good Luck Mrs Hembree and students.  Your video is amazing and sure does tell a wonderful story of the joy of reading.


Having fun with compound words!

At school we have  weekly spelling words where we have to do word exercises.  For the past few weeks we have had compound words.  Compound words are two words put together.   Last week’s compound words I challenged myself to write a poem with the compound words that the whole of my grade was given.   There were nineteen  words and I wrote a poem.   Here is my poem.


One day I went to the playground with my playmate.

We saw a rainbow.

It started to rain so we put on our raincoats.

I felt a raindrop on my tongue.

There was a roadblock because they were doing roadwork.

We went  through another  roadway.

I saw a sandbag it looked like sandpaper.

I also saw a sandstone.

I had some seafood.

I went on a boat and I got seasick it looked looked  a mix between seaweed and a snowball.

I then saw a snowflake.

Then I saw a snowman, then there was snowstorm.

To my blogging buddies I challenge you all to write a short story or poem or even a comment writing back to me with the above compound words which are highlighted.



Sovereign Hill

Recently as a birthday gift I got to choose  what I would like to do for my birthday and I decided I would love to go to Sovereign Hill with my parents. We had to drive to Ballarat which is an hour and a half drive from where I live. This will be my third visit to Sovereign Hill with my parents.  Sovereign Hill is where you step back in time not to the 80’s or the 90’s but to the 1800’s (Gold Rush days). This is a wonderful place where you get to experience the life of the Gold Miners. Ballarat is famous for the Gold rush. It all started back when a miner found gold. Then 8 years later a number of Cornish miners found a huge piece of gold which is known as the Welcome Nugget. I got to go under this mine on a tour my heart was thumping so hard and I had mixed emotions. I can’t believe how those gold miners survived without fresh air and fresh supplies and yet the did.


Here is a photo of me making my way down the Red Cliff Mine


Many Gold Miners  did not live for long the reason been while working under the mines dust would build up and the miners would breath in this dust resulting to lung infections which eventually would lead to their death.    When the Miners had finished their  work for the day many of them lived in tents living conditions were cold,wet,damp and just plain miserable.

Here is a photo of me standing outside one of the miners tent. It is very cramped and dusty and when wet everything would end up getting wet.

As we walked around the township of Sovereign Hill you got the chance to visit different shops. The township had many shops for example a candle making stall, a saloon (bowling alley), post office, local school,black smith and the best store of all was the lolly shop.  I was very lucky that I got the chance to make a wax candle and buy a lovely jar of boiled lollies. I also got the chance to meet some of the locals for example  the local police officers , The troopers and the local women.

Here is a photo of me and a lovely lady we met where she invited us to inspect her home. Her home was very neat and warm because she had a huge open fire.

The main form of transport back in those days was Horse and Carriage which we did see. We had to make way for the horses. We saw some   very special carriages which were only used for funerals. They were very grand looking.

Here is one of the funereal carriages.

I had wonderful day but I am so glad I was not alive during the 1800’s because I do not think I would not have made it as a gold miner.  I did get the chance to pan for gold which I am sure I did find some but some how  the gold did get washed away down stream for some one else to find.

Have you ever been to a tourist attraction that takes you back in time?

Happy Easter everyone near and far!

It is Easter and I decided to put up a post wishing all my dear bloggers a very Happy Easter to you all.   It is Easter Sunday in Australia.  I celebrate Easter with my family and visiting friends.  My mum and I go to church celebrating Easter.  Every Easter we go to my Aunty and Uncle’s house and have a huge family feast.   This is a family tradition.  We have a huge family Easter egg hunt where I tend to find the most chocolate eggs.  I enjoy the Easter egg hunt because I get to eat the  chocolate eggs I find.  I love this time of year for it is a time to celebrate for lots of reasons.

This Easter is extra special because my nanna is with us celebrating Easter, this makes our family complete.

I didn’t realize just how many different types of chocolate Easter eggs you can get for Easter.  My favourite Easter egg is the Lindt eggs .  However my mum and dad enjoy eating dark chocolate.  Easter is a time to be grateful for your wonderful family, friends where ever they may live.


How do you celebrate Easter?

Do you like eating chocolate?

Do you have a family tradition during Easter?

Guess what animal I am?

Recently I have been collecting a certain animal, your challenge I have set for my bloggers is to guess what animal I am collecting. I first fell in love with this certain animal when I travelled to Port Douglas at a zoo. Here are some interesting clues.

There are many different species of  this animal.

They are nocturnal and usually seen at the crack of night.

These animals have very large eyes to see predators.

These animals have feathers growing around their eyes.

This certain animal is a bird that can fly.

This animal eats rats, mice, rabbits and other birds.

They hunt in silence  where their prey don’t even know they are there.

These birds usually lay eggs and they are white in colour.

This animal does  have sharp claws to tear its prey apart.

Do you know what animal I am?

Wonder: Review

I have a wonderful blogging buddy Mrs Hembree who has her very own blog called the Bulldog Readers.   Mrs Hembree recommended me and other bloggers if they get the chance to read this book called Wonder.  This novel is truly an inspiring read.   If  you get the chance to read this novel  I strongly believe that you will love it for lots of different reasons.

This novel is about a young boy named August Pullman who is ten years of age.  August is just like most young ten year old boys he loves eating ice cream, loves playing his  X Box ( Play Station)  and most of all he loves Star Wars.  Unfortunately August has  abnormal features where he doesn’t look like the rest of us.

He has many huge challenges from example going to  the local school and most of all trying to be accepted as a normal ten year old boy.  If August had one wish he would wish for it would be to change his features.

I found after reading this novel at times quite sad and then at other times quite up lifting.  After reading this novel I felt that looks really don’t matter it’s the person that counts.    We need to realize that everyone is special no matter what they look like.

Thanks Mrs Hembree for a wonderful novel to read.

What are you reading at the moment?

  Can you please give me a short review about the book you are reading?


Different genres of music

Recently I have been listening to my favourite CD  “One Direction”.  One Direction is a popular boy band.  It got me thinking just how wonderful the world of music really is because of the different selections of music you can choose to listen to.  There are so many genres of music you can choose from.

Here are  just some examples of different selections of  genres of music.  Blues,  Country, Hip Hop,  Country Pop, Jazz , RnB and last but not least Rock plus many more.    As  this is just some selections  of genres of music.  Another  favourite song and genre of music which I enjoy listening to is  country pop sung by Taylor Swift.    Music is a wonderful way to relax or lively up a party as well take you to another place.

I think it is great to have such a  wonderful selection of genres of music because you are not just limited to one type of music.






What is your favourite music genre?

Role Models

Recently I watched a movie called Soul Surfer. The movie is about a girl named Bethany Hamilton who gets her left arm bitten off by a Tiger Shark.  I found this movie sad at times such for when  Bethany almost dies from her attack by the shark but it in the end I found it very inspiring how she won the Hawaiian  Nationals in surfing with only one arm. At the end of the movie I feel  Bethany is a great example of a great role model. To be a great role model requires passion, courage resilience and determination to never give up which Bethany had.

Bethany has shown me everything is possible if you try and never to give up and to believe in yourself.

Who is your role model?

What makes your role model so special?


Day 1,2 and 3

On Wednesday it was my first day back at school for 2013. My daily routine is to wake up at 7:30am, get dressed, have breakfast, brush my teeth, wash my face, brush my hair and walk to school. Wednesday I decided  to arrive  a bit earlier than usual. I found my old/new class room rather comfortable and easy because I had been in that classroom in Grade 2 with Mrs Morris. I met my new teacher Mrs McCullough she is just a wonderful easy going teacher. When 5 SM walked into their brand new classroom we got our school supplies out and put them on our desks. Wednesday was an easy going day. 


On Thursday we were slowly getting used to the routine of going back to school I am finding it quite a challenge because I love to sleep in. By the time Friday had arrived I was slowly getting used to the routine of school. It’s been a wonderful 3 days back at school catching up with my friends. It’s been wonderful listening to what they have been up to during the school holidays.



What was your week like?

Do you enjoy  having a routine?

Have you got a routine which you do daily?