Different genres of music

Recently I have been listening to my favourite CD  “One Direction”.  One Direction is a popular boy band.  It got me thinking just how wonderful the world of music really is because of the different selections of music you can choose to listen to.  There are so many genres of music you can choose from.

Here are  just some examples of different selections of  genres of music.  Blues,  Country, Hip Hop,  Country Pop, Jazz , RnB and last but not least Rock plus many more.    As  this is just some selections  of genres of music.  Another  favourite song and genre of music which I enjoy listening to is  country pop sung by Taylor Swift.    Music is a wonderful way to relax or lively up a party as well take you to another place.

I think it is great to have such a  wonderful selection of genres of music because you are not just limited to one type of music.






What is your favourite music genre?

8 thoughts on “Different genres of music

  1. Dear BB,
    I imagine you will get lots of comments for this post, as most everyone loves some kind of music!
    What do you like about One Direction? Is it the music or lyrics or the beat?
    I like to listen to country music. I like to dance to older rock and roll and I like to sing in my car! Do you like to sing too?
    Have you ever been to a concert? My daughter and I have seen Rascal Flatts 7 or 8 times in concert! We really like them!
    Rockin’ in Washington,
    Mrs. Hembree

    • @ Mrs Hembree,
      Awesome comment and thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.

      Thank you for saying you imagine that I will get lots of comments on this post.

      I have a feeling everyone loves music.

      I like One Direction for a number of things well they are cute, I like there music, Their lyrics are so catchy and I love the beat.

      I love to sing. No I have never been to a concert I really want to though. I was so close to going to the One Direction but my cousin said No because she does not like them.

      Why do you like Country Music Mrs Hembree?

      From a 1# DIRECTIONER,





  2. Dear BB,

    I think we may like the same type of music. I love Taylor Swift. All of her songs are great, but I think my favorite one is Love Story. Do you know that one? However, Trouble is also really good.

    I think it is really nice that she is so young and writes all her own music and words. I also like that she writes about her life.

    Have you ever tried writing a song?

    Your blogging buddy,

    • @ Sarah,
      Awesome comment and thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.

      I agree we must like the same kind of music.

      I sure do know the song Love Story by Taylor Swift.

      It sure is nice how Taylor Swift writes her on music and sings about her life.

      I sure have tried writing a song but did not turn out good as I wanted it to be


  3. Dear BB,

    My favorite genre of music has to be pop music. Also one of my favorite songs is “I knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift. But my favorite is a recently song covered by One Direction. It’s One Way Or Another. What’s your favorite song?

    Tristan~ :)

    • @ Tristan,
      Awesome comment and thank so much for leaving a comment on my blog.

      I enjoy listening to Pop too. I have listened to the song One Way Or Another.

      Speaking of One Direction I am listening to the song One Way Or Another.

      Do you know what the song One Way Or Another is about?

      My other favourite song is Nobody Compares by One Direction.





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