Having fun with compound words!

At school we have  weekly spelling words where we have to do word exercises.  For the past few weeks we have had compound words.  Compound words are two words put together.   Last week’s compound words I challenged myself to write a poem with the compound words that the whole of my grade was given.   There were nineteen  words and I wrote a poem.   Here is my poem.


One day I went to the playground with my playmate.

We saw a rainbow.

It started to rain so we put on our raincoats.

I felt a raindrop on my tongue.

There was a roadblock because they were doing roadwork.

We went  through another  roadway.

I saw a sandbag it looked like sandpaper.

I also saw a sandstone.

I had some seafood.

I went on a boat and I got seasick it looked looked  a mix between seaweed and a snowball.

I then saw a snowflake.

Then I saw a snowman, then there was snowstorm.

To my blogging buddies I challenge you all to write a short story or poem or even a comment writing back to me with the above compound words which are highlighted.





11 thoughts on “Having fun with compound words!

  1. Dear BB,

    You have come up with a very creative way to learn compound words. Your definitely on your way to becoming a great writer.

    I always wait with anticipation for your next post.

    Keep it up,

    • @ Victoria,
      Awesome comment and thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.

      Thank you for saying I have came up with a very creative way to learn compound word.

      Thank you for saying I am definitely on my way to become a writer.

      That is so nice you always are excited with anticipation for my next post.



  2. Dear BB,
    We think it was very interesting that you used all those compound words to make a poem like that. How long did it take you to write that poem? Do you think you will ever write something like that again? How old are you? Our class is learning about blogging. Yours is a good example and amazing.
    From, Miss M’s class.

    • @ Miss M’s and class,

      Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and writing a lovely comment also thank you for saying that I am a good example:) I am so sorry that did not reply to your comment sooner. It’s that since I have stopped blogging I don’t seem to forget that I still have my very own blog. I am so glad you liked my compound words which I wrote into a poem. It didn’t take that long because I enjoy writing poems.
      At present I really don’t think I will get back into blogging, but maybe next year I might. I am 11.
      I hope you and your class enjoy blogging and make wonderful connects around the world.

      Happy blogging.


    • Dear BB and Miss M’s class,

      We are also learning about blogging. We also like your blog as an example! You have put a lot of time into your blogs. We just finished publishing paper blogs. Paper blogs are practice for real blogging. What suggestions do you have about blogging? What grade are you guys in?

      • Dear Miss M’s class,

        Thank you for taking the time to write on my blog. I really like the idea of having a paper blog. I feel that to get you and your class started with blogging is to
        comment and visit many different blogs as you can and leave comments. Making a connection with other blogs with your blog posts too always helps too.
        I am not longer blogging as I am in grade six now and felt that I needed a break.

        Hope it all goes well for you and your class.

        BB :)

    • @ Nadia,

      Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. I am so glad you enjoyed my compound words into a poem. I enjoy writing poems when I have time.
      Sincerely BB :)

    • Nadia,

      Thankyou for taking the time to visit my blog. Compound words are great because you can write them in so many different ways

      Sincerely BB :)

    • @ Fatima,

      Thanks for taking the time to visit and write a comment on my blog.
      I really don’t have a name for my poem. Maybe you can think of one for me.

      BB :)

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